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© Sabatino Cersosimo

Sabatino Cersosimo

Born in Torino, IT, 1974

Lives and works in Berlin, DE


"I started painting on steel with the aid of oxidation in the summer of 2012, and since then the concepts of time, will and chance have been crucial to the development of my research.

Inevitably, in some phases I am compelled to accept that the process is beyond my control.

The artwork’s evolutionary characteristic reminds me of life: we are born, we grow up and we become mature. All along, unpredictability plays a determinant role especially in the effects of the decisions we take, and as it follows us towards the final stages of our lives.

Art is historically considered eternal, but my paintings underscore art’s metamorphic nature. Here, we witness artwork as it is developing, shifting, and in some cases, mutating into other forms, much like the elements of nature on the planet.

My paintings mirror constellations of humanity in tiny particles. In doing so, they feature many of the commonalities shared among human beings across culture, language, gender, and race."


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1994 - 1999 Albertina Academy of Fine Arts (Decoration and Painting), Torino, IT

1988 - 1993 Albe Steiner Institute for Advertising Design

Selected Exhibitions



Kunstpreis Sparkasse Karlsruhe

9th Season Opening. Accesso Galleria, Pietrasanta (IT)

The Vanishing Bodies (Solo exhibition). Max-Planck-Institut für Bildungsforschung, Berlin


Summer in the City. VCRB Gallery, Antwerp (Be)

Season Opening. Accesso Galleria, Pietrasanta (IT)


Inventory. Karl Oskar Gallery, Berlin
Grand O
pening. VCRB Gallery, Antwerp (Be)

Figuratively Speaking. Kunsthaus Tacheles, Berlin
CUT (with Call Me Frank). Galerie Van Campen & Rocthus, Knokke (Be)


Indian Summer. Galerie Van Campen & Rocthus, Antwerp (Be)


Season Opening. Accesso Galleria, Pietrasanta (IT)

Tractus (with Orlandini, Rimondi, Sanhueza). Die Kleine Wunderkammer, Berlin

KRONOS: Sabatino Cersosimo + Rad Husak. Dellasposa Art Gallery, London



Site Unseen. Dellasposa Art Gallery, London

ArtLab Munich. Galerie Benjamin Eck, Munich

Il Tempo che resta (solo exhibition). Kaeshmaesh, Vienna

AccaAteliers, Torino

Pintura Viva (Solo exhibition). THEREDOOM Gallery, Madrid

Season Opening. Accesso Galleria, Pietrasanta (IT)



Conversation Piece (Solo exhibition). Accesso Galleria, Pietrasanta (IT)



Face | Time. Dellasposa Art Gallery, London

Zentralstation. Kunst am Spreeknie Festival, Berlin

Enter Art Foundation, Messeturm, Basel

Season Opening. Accesso Galleria, Pietrasanta (IT)

Emotional accordion (Solo exhibition). The Ballery Galerie, Berlin



Ex-Fabrica. Changing spaces in the residue of urban identity. Funkhaus Berlin

The Iron Attitude (with Vitaliano). Accesso Galleria, Pietrasanta (IT)

Zwei italienische Maler aus Berlin (with J. Rimondi), Galerie Monica Ruppert, Mannheim

Premio ORA (winner)

Nude, The Ballery Galerie, Berlin



I maestri del sogno. Palazzo di Foggia, Paestum (Salerno)

Cross Currents. Funkhaus Kunstraum, Berlin

Tracce (Solo exhibition). Cooperativa Borgo Po e Decoratori, Torino

Affordable Art Fair (Maastricht, NL), Galerie Mooiman

La memoria del corpo. Spazio d’Arte Duina, Paitone (Brescia)

In Chartis mevaniae. Madre Terra - Terra Madre. S. Maria Laurentia, Bevagna (PG)



Painted Faces. Showdown Competition, Saatchi online. Semifinalists selection

Il Gioco dell’Arte e nell’Arte. Arte in Piemonte dal '900 a oggi”, Palazzo Mathis, Bra (CN)

Arte in terapia, Festival dei due Mondi, Spoleto

Klein Kunst Party. Platoon Kunsthalle, Seoul (South Korea)

Macht Kunst. Deutsche Bank Kunsthalle, Berlin

…To be continued… Raffaella De Chirico Arte Contemporanea, Torino



T.RAUM (with M. Brancati), Galleria Raffaella De Chirico Arte Contemporanea, Torino

Broadcast, Funkhaus, Berlin



Nuclear UnFair. Tacheles, Berlin

Sabatino Cersosimo (Solo Exhibition). Palazzo Oddo, Albenga (SV)

Il mestiere di vivere - Cesare Pavese’s book art covers. Libreria Antiquaria Biggio, Torino



LOV#2. Painting performance. Atelier BiBi e le Belle Arti, Torino

Gli universi di Bottega Indaco. Palazzo Oddo, Albenga (SV)



Ritratti (with Elisa Filomena and Davide Loi). Galleria Davico, Torino


Carne alla brace (Solo exhibition). Circolo Borgo Po e Decoratori, Torino

Paratissima 2008. Torino.



Post Kult. Post Kult, Halle (Germany)



Segnalibri d’artista. Libreria La Gang del Pensiero, Torino

Artisti a Torino. Torino Esposizioni



Scene da film. Castello della Contessa Adelaide, Susa (TO)



Premio Vasapolli.  Chiostro di San Filippo, Torino



Antica Sartoria Pellizzola. Galleria Weber, Torino

Patchwork. Accademia Albertina di Belle Arti, Torino



Guerra e inquinamento ambientale. Competition, Torino. 3rd Prize


Sabatino's paintings are in collections in Europe, USA. Australia, Russia and in Taiwan

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